Wednesday, November 28, 2018

MOM LIFE :: Toddler Bedtime Struggles- An Update

The struggle is real with my 2-year-old right now at bedtime.  He's a master at the art of the delay tactic.  He tries to push back his tubby as much as he can.  When he's finally clean and in his pj's for the night, it's a struggle to make it up the stairs.  Then we have the requests, the crazy antics...The list goes on.

After the really long days, it can be defeating some nights to be honest.  You are tired from the day, you still have a pile of stuff to do to prepare for tomorrow and you just want a quiet house so you can get yourself to bed too.  You feel like you just can't get it right when you should.  It's our job, no?  We have tried so many things but haven't hit the magic formula yet that works consistently and gets him to mellow out after his tubby and go to sleep. 

I have noticed some progress in his sleep though as he rarely wakes up at 4 am any more, thank goodness.  On the rare nights he does wake up at an odd hour he's able to put himself down or sometimes he'll climb into bed with us and actually fall asleep.  A lot of nights it feels like we are  reenacting that book we read a lot at bedtime-  The Bunnies Are Not In Their Beds.  Have you read it?  I can so relate to the story line up to the point where the parents fall asleep and the kids are still awake.  We haven't gotten to that point. 

I find myself though trying to find joy in this stage as crazy as it sounds.  Sometimes his antics at bedtime are just so out there it's hard to keep a straight face when you go back in his room to get him back in bed.  I find it hilarious how his big sister joins in on the fun at night too.   

So Mamas of toddlers, if bedtime is rough for you too, I feel you!  Have you hit the magic formula?  If so, please share!  If you haven't, hang in there.  I know the seasons will change and one day we'll think back to the crazy days and laugh about them.

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