Thursday, May 24, 2018

MOM LIFE :: Backyard Summer Fun for Toddlers

As the weather turns nice(r), we are enjoying the outdoors more.  My kids love to be outside playing and it's so good for them to get outdoors.  Not only do they get some exercise, their bodies will also make some much needed vitamin D in sunny days.

Today I wanted to round up our current toy selection to keep our Little Guy busy and away from things he shouldn't play with like the hose.  I have noticed a big change from last year in the sense that he seems to be more into the toys which is fun to watch.  This winter we brought the yard toys inside since we had some extra space by the mudroom.  It was a life saver, specially on the snow days when we were house bound.

1.  Little Tikes Basketball Set My son likes this set a lot more this year.  I think he understands now that he is supposed to get the ball through the hoop.  It's cute watching him grab the bigger basketball and try to use it in this set!

2.  Little Tikes T-Ball Set :  My two kids love to play with this.  My son is starting to get the dynamics of this game.  A lot of times, he just gets distracted though with something else after he hits the ball!

3. Little Tikes First Slide:  Probably my kids' favorite toy.  They have enjoyed it in their pjs this winter.  My son will come up with creative versions of sliding.  It has definitely helped build his coordination and motor skills.

4.  Little Tikes Gas N' Go Mower:  This mower gets a lot of mileage.  If my husband is mowing the lawn, he tries to imitate him using his mower.  His favorite thing is to walk down the street pushing the lawn mower because it makes a lot of noise.

5.  Radio Flier Rider Trike:  His first set of wheels!  This trike is a good buy because he will be able to use it for a number of years.  Right now he does not get the pedaling motion but he will push himself with his legs so we know it's helping him build his leg muscles.  He likes to place his favorite digger in the basket on the back and will check on it regularly just to make sure it's still there.  Super cute!

So there you go!  This is our current selection for outside play.  We do bubbles regularly too and also like the colored chalk.  What are your favorite toys for outside play?  Let me know in the comments below.

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