Tuesday, March 13, 2018

MOM LIFE :: On Navigating Snow Days

As we are in the midst of another Nor'Easter followed which will likely result in two snow days, I thought it would be fun (and appropriate!) to write a post about snow days with kids.  Being a teacher myself, the stress of childcare is off the board luckily for us but we still need to make sure the day goes smoothly for all.

Here are my tips/strategies for a fun and safe snow day for all.  They are not fool proof-  kids will be kids and sometimes days don't go as planned but for the most part they work fairly well.

1.  Coffee is your friend-  Kids are specially active on snow days-  at least mine are. They will wake up at their usual time and then you know you will be on-the-go all day.  Coffee is a must to keep your energy up.

2.  Craft awayKids are so used to having their day mapped out with activities.  Before a snow storm, I always make a stop at our local craft store and plan out a couple of activities for the day.  I usually grab some new coloring books, crayolas and modeling clay too.  Getting to use new tools is always fun for them and will get them excited.  My toddler is all into glue sticks, so I always have an activity that involves glue sticks.  They both love painting with brushes.  Sure it will get messy and the younger ones might go through a lot of paint.  However, paint is fairly cheap and if they are engaged it is well worth it.

3.  Movie time-  On snow days, we will usually watch a short movie in the afternoon after nap time.  We pick something that is age appropriate for my toddler and my seven year old and get fun snacks to go along.  It feels like a treat to them because they don't get to do this every afternoon.  We might even pretend we are at the theater!

4.  Indoor play area-  If you have any outside toys that you can set up inside I would recommend this.  We have a toddler side and toddler hoop that we move to the mudroom.  They both have a blast playing inside and it helps them get some much needed movement.  If you have a toddler, I recommend bringing in some snow in a plastic Tupperware.  Just lay down a tarp or towel on the floor and let your toddler play with the snow.  It's safe and warm inside and the snow provides great sensory play!

5.  Outside play-  This one may not always be easy or possible but I always try to give this one a shot.  Building a snowman is always fun for all.  This might be hard to balance with the younger kiddos because they get cold a lot sooner but it's worth a shot.

6.  Fun snacks and treats-  This one really helps with my eldest.  Before a storm, I try to have her favorite snacks on hand and I bake her chocolate chip cookies too.  It works wonders.

So there you go!  These are my tips for navigating a snow day or two in a row.  What works well for you?

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Thank you for reading!

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