Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gluten-Free SunButter and Banana Donut Holes

Gluten-free diets are challenging in young kids.  It takes a while for them to have some understanding of the fact that food can sometimes hurt and you need to avoid it.  It doesn't help when their peers will bring fun food items that you can't easily replace like donut holes because they don't sell them.  At least I have not found them.  My daughter had a best friend in her daycare who would bring donut holes for breakfast at least once a week.  She has my sweet tooth, so she was quickly drawn to them because they were coated in sugar.  Many a times she grabbed a taste with the teacher missing it and then got sick as a result.  This spiked my motivation early on to start baking gluten-free.  I figured if she had the baked goods regularly at home she would not be as likely to reach out for them at school.

Donut holes are fun to bake and you can make a lot of them at one time.  I always strive for low added sugar and high protein content.  Lately, I have been incorporating quinoa flour into my mixes.  If you are not familiar with it, it has a characteristic nutty taste and adds whole grain nutrition and essential amino acids.  It is also naturally gluten-free!

Here is my recipe:
1/3 cup quinoa flour
2 eggs
1 tablespoon coconut sugar
1/4 tbsp baking soda
1/4 tbsp vanilla
2 tbsp Sunflower Butter
1 banana mashed

This mix is enough for 12 donut holes.  I baked them at 350 F for 14 min.  There are 2 g of protein in each donut hole so not bad!  You could also make a 1:1 mix of quinoa flour and almond flour in the 1/3 cup measurement as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Thank you for reading!

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