Sunday, November 12, 2017

On Skincare

It's been a while!  Getting back to our routine after a wonderful summer was hard but I am slowly finding time to blog again.

Today, I wanted to share a new beauty regimen that seems to be working well with my skin needs right now.  I have had my share of issues with my skin and have learned over time what works well with my skin and what does not.  As I have gotten older, I find that my skin is more sensitive to some ingredients in skincare products too.  So what are my concerns right now?  I have combination skin and some pigmentation from my pregnancies.  I really noticed my spots darkened after the summer (despite wearing SPF religiously) and searched for a new regimen in the early fall.  From my reading I knew vitamin c would help the pigmentation in my skin and might even give my sleep-deprived self a brighter look, so I looked for a line that would include  this ingredient. I was drawn to Andalou Naturals because their products are natural, relatively affordable and have gotten good reviews in the press.

So how do I feel about my regimen?  The creamy cleanser has a mild citrus smell, is gentle and does not dry my skin.  The toner helps me get rid of any traces of make-up and is gentle like the cleanser.  I love the revitalize serum.  It is packed with antioxidants like resveratrol and also has fruit stem cells amongst other key anti-aging ingredients.  The eye cream does not have a strong fragrance, is gentle on the eye area and has lightened my under eye area too.  After using these products for almost two months, I do find that my lighter sun spots have also improved.  Surprisingly, I don't have any milia from the vitamin c either, something I have experienced with other vitamin c skin care products.

I hope my review helps you!  Thank you for stopping by!

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